Transforming Capitalism

Transforming Capitalism: Entrepreneurship
and the Renewal of Thrift

by Dr Peter S Heslam, Director of Transforming Business, University of Cambridge

Faith and enterprise are often seen as irreconcilable, as impossible to mix as oil and water. Yet they share deep roots in God's transforming spirit at work in the world.

This penetrating study engages with theological, ethical and practical issues, and includes case studies that point to a positive future for transforming capitalism.

    'A compelling and timely call to a thrift-based capitalism that is truly transformative.' Dr Kim Tan, international entrepreneur and co-founder of theTransformational Business Network
    'Healthy economies require entrepreneurship and investment. This booklet presents a cogent and lively argument that thrift provides both with a powerful stimulus.' Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, former Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell and Anglo-American
    'Read this booklet to discover how thrift stimulates human flourishing.' Prof Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, CEO, The Roosevelt Group

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