Dr. Eric Wood Eric Wood
Dr Eric Wood has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Cape Town (UCT) and an Economics PhD from Cambridge. He is Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Graduate School of Business at UCT and teaches in those fields at the University's Graduate School of Business, and at business schools in the Netherlands and Namibia. He has a variety of international research collaborations and has published in the leading entrepreneurship journals. He acquired a majority stake in a loss-making business and managed a successful turn-around. He is a business angel and serves as a non-executive director in a young venture in the biotech industry. Eric consults for start-up and established businesses, focusing on practices that increase their potential to create value. Seeing organizations become more rewarding for all their stakeholders lights Eric's fire. Together with Dr Peter Heslam he is a Principal Investigator of Belief in Enterprise, a project partially supported by the S.E.VEN Fund.