Dr Peter S Heslam, Peter Heslam MA BA DPhil FRSA

Dr. Peter Heslam

Dr Peter S Heslam focuses on the interface of business, faith and development. Although largely overlooked, he believes greater understanding of this interface will help deliver practical change that increases human and environmental well-being.

As Director of Transforming Business and Faith in Business, he works particularly closely with business academics and business leaders and is an international expert on the socio-economic role of business. His academic background includes social science, history, ethics and theology and he holds degrees from Oxford and Cambridge.

Peter lectures to university and business audiences around the world and has been Director of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative at Oxford; Director of the Capitalism Project at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity; the Convenor of JustShare; an Adviser to the Archbishop of Canterbury on the issue of globalization; a Director of Studies in the Cambridge Theological Federation; an OCCC Fellow of Regent's Park College, University of Oxford; a CARTS Fellow at the Faculty of Divinity; and Research Associate of the Hügel Institute at St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge.

The recipient of many awards, Peter is a Senior Research Fellow of the Centre for Rising Powers, University of Cambridge, and a Senior Research Associate of the Cambridge Institute on Religion and International Studies (CIRIS) at Clare College, University of Cambridge. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a member of the International Leadership Association and an adviser to Beyond Profit, Entrepreneurial Leaders, and to the journals Faith in Business Quarterly and the Journal of Markets and Morality. He has been a Visiting Professor at Yunnan University of Finance and Economics in China and at the Institute of Sino-Christian Studies in Hong Kong. He has served as a judge in various international business competitions.

Key Publications
Peter has published widely, including a book on the Dutch social entrepreneur, political theorist and former Prime Minister, Abraham Kuyper. He is a prolific writer, speaker, researcher and commentator on the role of enterprise in human and environmental flourishing. His publications include: Globalization: Unravelling the New Capitalism, Globalization and the Good, Transforming Capitalism: Entrepreneurship and the Renewal of Thrift, 'Christianity and the Prospects for Development in the Global South', in Paul Oslington (ed),The Oxford Handbook of Christianity and Economics (OUP, 2014); 'Faith and business practice amongst Christian entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets' (with Eric Wood) in Koers - Bulletin for Christian Scholarship 79(2), 2014; 'The Spirit of Enterprise: Abraham Kuyper and Common Grace in Business', Journal of Markets & Morality, 18.1 (2015): 7-20; and ‘Greed is Good? An International Study of Christian Entrepreneurs' (with Eric Wood), in Business Ethics Today: The Sacred and the Market, edited by Philip J Clements (CCBET, 2015), pp. 25-61. Amongst his current writing projects on Abraham Kuyper is an edited anthology of Kuyper's writings on business, economics and poverty, and an examination of Kuyper's ideas on economic empowerment in Islamic contexts.