The core operation of Transforming Business is a high-impact international research and development project involving senior leaders around the world. This means that most of its events are invitation-only and are held outside the UK. When we do hold open events, they feature on this page.

Transforming Business is also, however, a worldwide network of senior leaders and aligned organizations. We therefore note below some of the organizations in whose events you may be interested. With most of them we have collaborated on various events or other activities over the years (examples can be found in the Events Archive).

Faith in Business

Transforming Business has worked with Faith in Business, formerly based at Ridley Hall in Cambridge, for many years. In 2018, Dr Peter Heslam became Director of this Project.

Faith in Business undertakes a variety of activities, including a monthly webinar. Visit the Faith in Business website for information and to sign up to receive updates.

The project co-publishes the journal Faith in Business Quarterly, each edition of which includes an article by Transforming Business' director Peter Heslam.


One of the world's leading CEO networks is C12, which aims 'to build great business for a greater purpose'. This professional network, based in the USA but spreading further afield, has developed a close research partnership with Transforming Business. Its annual conference is one of the largest and most highly regarded business gatherings of its type in the world.

Transformational Business Network

This network (TBN) is an international network of business leaders, organizations and companies committed to business solutions to poverty. It supports commercially sustainable small-medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries that create jobs, empower the poor and transform communities. Transforming Business has been actively involved in TBN since its inception in 2003.

Christian Economic Forum

This international forum of business leaders is dedicated to addressing economic and social problems through practical solutions shaped by biblical economic principles. Aiming at standards of excellence comparable to those of the World Economic Forum, CEF brings together leaders from around the world to share insights and best practice in the interests of human flourishing.

Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization

The purpose of the Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization is to connect, equip and celebrate values-based entrepreneurs around the world. Based in Vancouver and directed by the renowned business expert Dr Richard Goossen, ELO holds regular summits in major Canadian cities and in Hong Kong. It also runs the Entrepreneurial Leaders Programme in association with Wycliffe Hall, University of Oxford. Transforming Business and ELO have worked together in various ways over many years.

Center for Faith and Work

The Center for Faith & Work is the cultural renewal arm of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York. By fostering innovation and imagination in the workplace, CFW aims to help Christians 'integrate the inseparable'. It organizes entrepreneurship competitions and a variety of cross-vocational learning experiences, several of which have involved Transforming Business.

Partners Worldwide

Partners Worldwide began with a question: how can businesspeople be part of the solution to poverty? Over the quarter of a century since, PW has had a pioneering role in helping business to create flourishing communities around the world. It does so primarily through mentoring, training, advocacy, and access to capital. Transforming Business' involvement has mainly been in its regular flagship event Marketplace Revolution.

Acton Institute

Transforming Business director Dr Peter Heslam has had close relations with the Acton Institute since its inception and delivered his first lecture at one of its annual symposia (since known as Acton University) in 1998. Based in Grand Rapids, this institute is frequently ranked one of the leading think tanks in the United States. It shares with Transforming Business a keen interest in the thinking of the Reformed Dutch statesman Abraham Kuyper, in Catholic Social Teaching, and in a theological approach to business.

London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

The famous biblical scholar and teacher John Stott founded LICC when he caught a vision for the relevance and transformative potential of Christian faith in every sphere of contemporary culture. Today it is the foremost organization in the UK empowering ordinary Christians to 'make a difference where they are' during the working week. Before becoming director of Transforming Business, Peter Heslam was a full-time faculty member of LICC, and is now an Associate Fellow.

Yale University

Transforming Business has close links to, and has organized joint events with, Yale University's Center for Faith and Culture.


Christian Aid is a major development organization well known for its anti-poverty work around the world. In 2016 it launched the SALT Business Network, to combine the strengths of faith and business in creating economic impact. Members come from diverse backgrounds but share a belief in business as a power for good. Transforming Business' long collaboration with Christian Aid has intensified with the birth of SALT, holding our first joint event in 2017.

Five Talents

Five Talents' aim is to eradicate extreme poverty by restoring human dignity and creating strong, sustainable communities. It does so through economic empowerment - providing savings schemes, small loans, and business training to people in poverty around the world. In doing so, it uses innovative forms of credit and technology. Its work is focused in developing countries but it has offices in the USA and in the UK. Transforming Business has been involved with Five Talents initiatives stemming from both sides of the Atlantic.

Princeton University

Transforming Business has long enjoyed informal links with the Princeton Faith & Work Initiative at Princeton University.

Ely Cathedral Business Group

Transforming Business is a founding member of the Ely Cathedral Business Group (ECBG). This is a forum for business leaders in and around Ely, a cathedral town a few miles north of Cambridge, UK. The ECBG held the first of its annual 'Celebration of Business' events at Ely Cathedral in May 2012. The group offers mentoring opportunities for start-up entrepreneurs. This stems from its belief that there is a strong correlation between the health of business and the well being of the communities in which it operates.

St Paul's Institute

Located within the City of London, St Paul's Institute seeks to foster an informed Christian response to ethical and spiritual issues surrounding financial integrity, economic theory, and the meaning of the common good. It aims to recapture the ancient role of St Paul's Cathedral, with which it is associated, in engaging with finance and economics, facilitating public debate, and bringing the distinctive wisdom of the Christian tradition to bear on the way money works in contemporary society. Click here to find out more.

Business Fights Poverty

Transforming Business is a knowledge partner and founding member of Business Fights Poverty, a lively network of organizations and individuals that are committed to entrepreneurial solutions to poverty. Together with several other partners, including the UK government's Department for International Development, Business Fights Poverty holds events around the world.

Events Archive

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