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Reformation in Business
Not only in church history but also in cultural history, the impact of the protestant reformation has been profound. The 500th anniversary of the events that sparked that reformation will be commemorated by Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary with a lecture by Dr Peter Heslam on the significance of Calvinism, especially as articulated by the public intellectual Abraham Kuyper, for business. Click here for more details of this event, which will be held on 28th September 2017 in Charlotte (USA). On 30th September he will expound on some of the themes of this lecture in a seminar in Boston (USA). Details are still being finalized but if you are interested in attending this event, please contact Peter (psh20 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk or peter [dot] heslam [at] gmail [dot] com).

Faith in Business
Transforming Business has a long-standing collaborative relationship with Faith in Business, a project based at Ridley Hall in Cambridge. Every spring, Faith in Business holds a conference for business leaders, in which Transforming Business has often had significant input. For details, click here. The project co-produces a quarterly journal called Faith in Business, which carries many articles by Transforming Business' director Peter Heslam.

Business Fights Poverty
Transforming Business is a knowledge partner and founding member of Business Fights Poverty, a rapidly growing network of organizations and individuals that are committed to entrepreneurial solutions to poverty. Together with a number of other partners, including the UK government's Department for International Development, Business Fights Poverty holds events around the world - details here.

Transformational Business Network
The Transformational Business Network (TBN) is a network of business leaders, organizations and companies committed to business solutions to poverty. It supports commercially sustainable small-medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries that create jobs, empower the poor and transform communities. Transforming Business has been actively involved in TBN since its inception and information about its activities can be found here.

Ely Cathedral Business Group
Transforming Business is a founding member of the Ely Cathedral Business Group (ECBG). This is a forum for business leaders in and around Ely, a cathedral town a few miles north of Cambridge, UK. The ECBG held its first 'Celebration of Business' event at Ely Cathedral from 25-31 May 2012, which was a great success. The group offers mentoring opportunities for start-up entrepreneurs from experienced business leaders who volunteer their time. Further details are available here.

One of the world's leading CEO networks is C12, which aims 'to build great business for a greater purpose'. The network, based in the USA but spreading further afield, has developed a close research partnership with Transforming Business.

Other organizations

St Paul's Institute
Located within the City of London, St Paul's Institute seeks to foster an informed Christian response to ethical and spiritual issues surrounding financial integrity, economic theory, and the meaning of the common good. In seeking to engage with finance and economics, the Institute seeks to recapture the Cathedral's ancient role as a centre for public debate and to bring the distinctive wisdom of the Christian tradition to bear on the way money works in contemporary society. Click here to find out more.

Yale University
Transforming Business has close links to, and has organized joint events with, Yale University's Center for Faith and Culture.

Princeton University
Transforming Business has long enjoyed informal links with the Princeton Faith & Work Initiative at Princeton University.

The London-based Christian Association of Business Executives (CABE) is dedicated to bringing Christian values and moral principles to the world of business, particularly at executive level. For details of CABE's forthcoming events, click here.

Events Archive

For details of past events, click here.