Enterprising the Imagination in the Fight against Poverty - links and further reading

The consultation in London was organized by a group of leading corporations called Business Call to Action. This group was formed in the wake of the Call to Action, a global effort launched in July 2007 by Prime Minister Gordon Brown to accelerate progress on achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

An edition of the journal Faith in Business Quarterly (vol 9.2) is devoted to the issue of fair trade and can be ordered here.

For a critical perspective on fair trade from the Jubilee Centre in Cambridge, see its blog here. It has unleashed a lot of debate. See below the blog entry and there is more here.

For a recent article by Peter Heslam on Muhammad Yunus, the world's most famous micro-enterprise entrepreneur, see 'Banking on the Poor: The Banker who is Changing the World, One Micro Loan at a Time', published in Faith in Business Quarterly, vol.10.3, which can be ordered here.

Heslam's article appeared soon after the announcement that Yunus had won the Nobel Peace Prize. Yunus' latest book is Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the Future of Capitalism (Public Affairs, 2008), available here.

Initiatives and networks in the area of enterprise solutions to poverty include:
Transforming Business
Business Action for Africa
Business Fights Poverty
The Shell Foundation
Enterprise Africa!
Blessing Basket
Five Talents
Opportunity International
The Integra Venture
Transformational Business Network
International Business Leaders' Forum
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
The Legatum Group