Unleashing Entrepreneurship - links and further reading

Transforming Business analyzes and catalyzes entrepreneurial solutions to poverty. The events page of its website has links to events in this area, including those organized in Global Entrepreneurship Week. The website also contains details of other resources, including those produced by Peter Heslam.

Larry Farrell is one of the foremost business writers on entrepreneurship. A recent book of his entitled Getting Entrepreneurial and is available here.

Junior Achievement is the world's largest organization for teaching entrepreneurship to school children, reaching seven million students a year, many of whom live in developing countries.

For a 40-page but profound read on entrepreneurship, see The Entrepreneurial Vocation, by Robert Sirico. It has recently been re-issued under the title The Call of the Entrepreneur with an accompanying DVD. Available from the Acton Institute.

For a 800-page academic reference book on entrepreneurship, see The Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship, edited by Mark Casson and others, available here.

For a mid length (250-page) book that is based on academic study but is accessible, see Rick Goossen's Entrepreneurial Excellence, available here.