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Donations in support of Transforming Business' research, output and core operations are generally received in dollars by the InnoGroup Foundation in the USA. This reflects the international scope of Transforming Business' work. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the InnoGroup Foundation provides tax-efficient giving for US citizens. Checks made to the InnoGroup Foundation can simply be sent to Carolyn Van Wieren at to the following address, indicating that your gift is in support of Transforming Business: InnoGroup Foundation, 441 E. Roosevelt, Ste. 100, Zeeland MI 49464, USA. Carol is happy to assist with any practical queries and can advise on other methods of giving (carolyn.vanwieren [at]

Everyone who joins Transforming Business as a Fellow, Associate, Partner, or Advocate is entitled to the benefits outlined on this page. Simply drop Peter Heslam a line by email (psh20 [at] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk) to confirm in which membership category you would like to join Transforming Business.

Become a Fellow or Associate

Most of the work of Transforming Business is supported by Fellows and Associates. They make a charitable (tax-deductible) donation of US$10,000 per year ($830/month) for business leaders and $1150 per year ($95/month) for others.

In so doing, Fellows and Associates help the project maximize the potential of Christian entrepreneurs worldwide to build social capital and overcome poverty. They also become part of a global network of cutting-edge business researchers, thinkers and leaders who are committed to this agenda.

All the resources Fellows and Associates receive (see adjacent column) are specifically designed to inspire, resource, equip and connect, and come with our compliments.

The only difference between Fellows and Associates is that Fellows are prepared to contribute to the output of Transforming Business, either in written form (such as short twice yearly reflections), or in terms of speaking at an event/s.

Any person whose request to become a Fellow is turned down would still be eligible to become an Associate.

Become a Partner

For a minimum donation of US$1150 per year ($95/month) for business leaders and $720 ($60/month) for others, you can become a Partner to Transforming Business.

Partners receive invitations to restricted events, a copy of the book we select each year to be of outstanding significance in the field, and a year's subscription to the journal Faith in Business Quarterly – all with the compliments of Transforming Business.

Become an Advocate

For a minimum donation of US$720 per year ($60/month) for business leaders and $480 ($40/month for others you can become an Advocate to Transforming Business.

Advocates are entitled to receive a free copy of a report, survey or booklet we select each year to be of significance in the field.

Become a Volunteer

Transforming Business welcomes voluntary support, especially in the areas of digital media and research. Whatever your specialty, we can offer stimulating and creative work, with flexible hours, that can be done from any location. If you are interested – or know someone who might be interested – in helping this dynamic entrepreneurial project to increase its momentum and impact, please get in touch.

Transforming Business' vision is to make the world a better place for all through the integration of faith and business. If would like to join us as a Fellow, Associate, Partner, Advocate or Volunteer we would be delighted to hear from you.

Together we can help transform business — business that can transform the world!



Fellows and Associates receive:

  • priority invitations to events (including restricted events) in North America and the UK;
  • a selected free book each year;
  • an invitation to become a member of the Transforming Business Association. This is a global network of cutting–edge business leaders, researchers and thinkers;
  • a free copy of any new publication from the following organizations: the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics (Washington), the Theology of Work Project (Cambridge, MA), the Centre for Enterprise, Markets and Ethics (Oxford) and the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (London);
  • a copy of Transforming Capitalism by Peter Heslam;
  • a year's subscription to the journal Faith in Business Quarterly;
  • a year's supply of personalized branded business cards that display their affiliation to Transforming Business;
  • access to the restricted Associates Zone of the website. This contains valuable material unavailable elsewhere, including case studies of Christian business leaders running substantial businesses around the world.

There are, therefore, significant benefits to becoming a Fellow or Associate of Transforming Business. On top of the 'hard' benefits are many 'soft' ones. Experience shows that a substantial link with Transforming Business helps open doors around the world!